A Newer Utopia

Awaiting the awakening responded by interlacing roots – I cannot hear you very well, but I’ll keep typing – thank you – They came to be before a tree of dying a-live and they devoured it as it devoured them…

It was the as-if ostentatiously conspicuous symbolisms speak through their quiet aboundance (abound + bounce + dance) at such frequenzy (frequency + frenzy) as it was almost deleted in the conscious, though deeply rooted subconscious (in what hid behind the veil)

If you tune in, love reveals the light of life – from which all emerging and merging – pulsating rhythming singing complexities not apprehensible simultaneously

Notes: “Apprehensible” – root from understand but also can manifest as the fearsome element (signifying choice the meaninger)

~ Elemele Duplo

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