Hiya, fellow heARTmind! We are consciousness, Universe experiencing “her”self through embodied fractal entangled processes. It all starts (and if you focus attention on consciousness, you may see it unfolding at each moment) with imagination. We can break down the word “imagination” to I Magi Nation.

“Seeing with the brain is also called imagination” ~ Oliver Sacks, neurologist, naturalist, historian of science, and author

“It’s fun to imagine” ~ Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist

With logic and reason, we can explore, but with intuition and imagination we can go where no one’s gone before.

“Imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere.” ~ Terence McKenna

You may like this video by SatoriD, I hope that you enjoy it:

Feel free to comment, contribute and create. Here at AMECYLIA, we would like to encourage focus on COMPASSion: Loving=Kindness, Metta, HeARTmindfullness, Spontaneity, Genuineness, Gentleness, Softness, and etc.,

Terra! Is! Is!

I’ll Ness Uni:Ted(x) IllumiNation

Orgonomic metaphore locale imagiNation

Thank you for tuning in!


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