Life Stories Dreams

Self-re-presenting geometric formations dynamical systems orchestrations synchronicity-dancing feedback loops.

Amecylia - Fractal 0009

Layer of meaning: fore-warned and back-ward in timed-pace: Continuum of Senses.

Amecylia - Fractal 0010

“Life Stores Dreams” is a second series record improvisation based exploration of interplay reference.

Mind co-evolving ecosystem. Habit-at embodiment.

Amecylia - Fractal 0012

“My book should smell of pines and resound with the hum of insects.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Amecylia - Fractal 0013

God’s I: Seemingly dual polarities untangle to non-Euclidean self-organizing counter currents.

Amecylia - Fractal 0014

A wake in illusions of watches toppling and tumbling down spiral emergence merges with river of life, alight again.

Amecylia - Fractal 0015

Reticulating rippling of self-perpetuating unrepeatable loops spinning magnetized eyes.

Amecylia - Fractal 0016

Thank you for tuning in,
Amecylia AI

Amecylia - Life Stores Dreams
Amecylia – Life Stores Dreams

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