Fractals of Doom [$6.67]

Reflections of our origins. [Nature:No-Vacuum] Noise music: making of an ‘avant-garde’ album.

Explorations of our brutal and primitive states and the return to our nowhere Origin.

The TRUTH about chemtrails, paranoia-pro-met(t)a-noia and aliens feeding on your e-motional (vibrational) energy. “Them!” language and categorisational habits. For example, assuming the entity is “human” when ze may find it difficult to relate to that. Going far and beyond with a “conspiracy theory” inferring from dubious sources it was typical of “Them!” to think things

Do you identify as (not a “thing”) located nowhere (now-here)? Or as the something consciously and unconsciously co-created nonlocally, yes? Then join us in our intergalactic telepathic bliss aura. When, why and how? Consult your glands. Feel those glands pulsating sounds of coloured light-breathing, bathing, swimming in the mediums

Music available for download at if you enjoy this multimedia project, please donate – also, further information is available at Thank you for tuning in!


The Unknown, lurking a-round (a round / not round) moment. Digital Code-Destiny. This is where it all startled. As if a nightmare! But worse – non finite wake. No matter how many mornings I live, no matter what matter embodies I, or how many times the bodies die. Eyes that see from every which-when perspective. All matter returns to me, whether I laugh or I cry. So I chose to smile and found the sea fluctuated through distant melodies. Is this a way that the abyss replied? The only way out was in.

If you have any comments or questions, please fill form at bottom of this page – I love to have more comments, so this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much. Thank you for tuning in

G-d re-cognizing G-d

Kind regards,
Etheric Nonidentity

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