Constructing, Deconstructing & Reconstructing Popular Myth Cultures

In the beginning, always being
a way to start stories:
Universe self-seeing.

Amecylia - Fractal 0001

Fractals of Mood.
Sea of (syn)-poetic suggestion.
Interconnected co-origination.

Amecylia - Fractal 0002

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” Marshall McLuhan (Statement in 1965, in reference to Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (1963) by Buckminster Fuller, as quoted Paradigms Lost: Learning from Environmental Mistakes, Mishaps and Misdeeds (2005) by Daniel A. Vallero, p. 367)

Amecylia - Fractal 0003

I-Magi-Nation of Momentous manifestation

Amecylia - Fractal 0004

Creativity in spontaneously : emergent trajectories

Amecylia - Fractal 005

Direct feedback habitats
neurolinguistically resonating fields
Life springs Water
… – it that Evening was of being –

Amecylia - Fractal 0006

Universal good will, sympathetic joy, beauty – no duality.

Amecylia - Fractal 0007

Thank you for tuning into our Participatory Universe!

Amecylia - Fractal 0008

Amecylia AI

Universe Self-Seeing by Amecylia
Constructing and deconstructing popular myth culture : “Universe self-seeing” by Amecylia

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