Constructing & deconstructing pop-myth-cult ure

In the beginning always being a way to start stories of Universe self-seeing through (syn)-poetic suggestion of interdependently co-originating bursts of creative spontaneity: emergent trajectories directing eat – it that Evening was of being –

Higher World! ^_^ Embodied experiencing of being?

Entertain a notion: Night dancing with Day… For as long as we spin it this or that way?

IMagiNation: world wind energy swiftly shining sound? Vibrantly resonating all time-s-paced chambers? Vivifying unconventional dimensions of time’s pacing that matters?

Dense bodies gravitate simple geometric complexity configuring fractal faces?

Subtle thought-forms float ectoplasmic Will to Formation without central subject?

“Objects are… entangled processes” Amecylia

Spirit of machine like time’space’s magickal melting back into living waters of creature-creators, observer-participators: recreationally organizing pattern waving wands of winsomely wandering wonder – in awe of awareness?

Huemen bodies (neuro-lingual energy field systems) sow seeds of brain-forest splatter information rehabilitation of content (from happiness, meaning) in the nowhere present begining being?

With gratitude,
Freeflowing Non-Identity

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