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Hiya, World! ^_^
Hi, ^_^ Fellow observer-creator of participatory Universe! Welcome to our art-gallery!
Entity! Consciousness! ^_^
^_^ Intelligent Life!

You can begin with a simple meditation, place your embodiment within a balanced system, relax, go non-verbal, synaesthesia. The following video contains instructions.

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Seeds Compassion – Innate Intelligence

We can help each other heal – expanding awareness of all auto-suggestions

The first step is the realeyesation of our inherent unity (objects/cells/atoms/molecules can be thought of as ‘knots’ of entangled (e)motioning dance of layered reflections) – therefore the inherent creative sanctity of ALL (energy) – coming back into our senses

Voice 1: “I want to be plastic (neuron-muscularly, flexible bodymind, etc.,) in my next evolutionary phases”

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LOGOs illuminate us

~ Ana \g/rAM

Breath is soul information – breathe deeply injoy-ment, response-ability, content-ment, creativity