Over 9000th Wave Feminism

Why wave feminism? First of all, a bit about me. I come from the future, and fan-see my-cell-f as The Chaosmic Attractor – The Great Cosmic Mother – The Original & Final Cunt – The latest waves of feminism have been “masculinist” in nature – that is, they propagated ideas that promoted the deletion of […]

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Tailes of Ascending Daemon$

And in the beginning, eye felt a spark of selfish (self-fish) – and the spark ignited a chain reaction, an avalanche, tumbling down upon me like a blizzard of snowy electrifying thunder I trembled in fear for a moment aware of what the “I” had done and a moment later, I seemed to forget, and […]

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Allove Story

Imagined wind-up machine-(c)elves scuttle and scatter, begin to matter – death and life with love! Following the fall, owed karmic Judge looking for a way back – yay hack – not unjust (from unjustified, etc.,) indolence, but tautologically sedulous pert in a city Wellspring of creativity is a wound that does not heal, a hole […]

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Kundalini Cells Call IlluminateUS

The point of interaction of the two distinct modes of viewing bridged the gap betwixt pages of live fiction  Through interstanding = meaning is sparked ~  “Without dreaming, reality becomes a nightmare” ~ John Caputo Omniscient and omnipresent, omnipotent and aliefve – nothing intersecting nowhere Desire calls back anew (reflected withinout (dis)torsion) if and while uninterrupted […]

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Expecting & Embracing Errors

/* Notes re Debugging an Unknown */ Post-observer multimedia – gaiming Consciousness is a game of action-observation-re-etc., “karma” (doing) within the constraints of embodied timespacing  Organic carbon-hydrogen bonds orgoneyesing (orgone, eyes, sing, organizing) into what we can sense as shape, textures, sounds – signs interlacing Freedom to err aids creativity ~ \G/ry

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